SAP ABAP Software Component EA-DFPS (SAP Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-DFPS   
Short Description SAP Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
IS-DFS-OF-FDP /ISDFPS/KL10000013 Structures Workbench 
IS-DFS /ISDFPS/KL10000001 Defense Forces and Public Security 
IS-DFS-OF-MPA /ISDFPS/KL10000018 Logistical Requirements 
IS-DFS-OF-MPO /ISDFPS/KL10000016 Material Categories 
IS-DFS-PDR /ISDFPS/PD10000007 Master Data Distribution 
IS-DFS-BIT-DIS /ISDFPS/PD10000020 Distributed System Landscape 
IS-DFS-MM /ISDFPS/KL10000025 Materials Management 
IS-DFS-MM-OF /ISDFPS/KL10000028 Implementation of Organizational Flexibility in Logistics 
IS-DFS-OF-FOR /ISDFPS/KL10000012 Force Element 
IS-DFS-OF-REL /ISDFPS/KL10000014 Command and Support Relationships 
IS-DFS-OF /ISDFPS/KL10000011 Organizational Flexibility 
IS-DFS-OF-PER /ISDFPS/PD10000001 Personnel Categories 
IS-DFS-PM /ISDFPS/KL10000029 Maintenance 
IS-DFS-PM-REL /ISDFPS/PD10000013 Transfer Technical Objects 
IS-DFS-PM-DIS /ISDFPS/PD10000014 Distributed Maintenance 
IS-DFS-LM /ISDFPS/PD10000004 Line Maintenance 
IS-DFS-LM-STS /ISDFPS/PD10000016 Status Board 
IS-DFS-MA /ISDFPS/KL10000021 Mobile Applications 
IS-DFS-MA-HR /ISDFPS/PD10000008 Mobile Human Resources Management 
IS-DFS-MA-MM /ISDFPS/KL10000023 Mobile Materials Management 
IS-DFS-MA-PM /ISDFPS/KL10000024 Mobile Maintenance 
IS-DFS-BIT /ISDFPS/PD10000005 Basis Technology R/3 
PM-WOC HLA0009533 Maintenance Processing 
IS-DFS-BIT-PG /ISDFPS/PD10000019 Role Generator 
CA-GTF-UPS PAB0000021 Distribution Unit / Distribution Packet 
IS-DFS-PM-WC /ISDFPS/KL10000031 Cross-Plant Work Center 
PA-OS HLA0100342 Organizational Structure