Meta Relationship - Used By
# Relationship type Used by Short Description Created on
1 Interface implementation (CLASS c. INTERFACES i_ref)  CACSBR_CL_ICM_FDT_HELPER Helper class for Business Rules Editor 20081120
2 Interface implementation (CLASS c. INTERFACES i_ref)  CL_GRRM_UTIL_KRI_RUNTIME_DEBUG KRI Runtime 20100730
Short Description FDT: Types    
Super Class    
Instantiability of a Class 2  Public 
General Data
Message Class    
Program status     
Category 0   
Created 20050815   SAP 
Last change 20130531   SAP 
Shared Memory-enabled    
Fixed point arithmetic    
Unicode checks active    
Forward declarations
# Type group / Object type Type Type Description
1 ABAP Type group use (TYPE-POOLS tp)  Type group use (TYPE-POOLS tp)
2 CL_FDT_CC_SERVICES Forward declaration class (CLASS c DEFINITION DEFERRED)  Forward declaration class (CLASS c DEFINITION DEFERRED)
Class IF_FDT_TYPES has no interface implemented.
Class IF_FDT_TYPES has no friend class.
Class IF_FDT_TYPES has no attribute.
Class IF_FDT_TYPES has no method.
Class IF_FDT_TYPES has no event.
# Type Visibility Typing Associated Type Description Created on Type Source
1 ACCESS_LEVEL Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_ACCESS_LEVEL Access Level 20060417
2 ACTIVITY Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_ACTIVITY Activity for AUTHORITY-CHECK 20050815
3 DATA_OBJECT_TYPE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_DATA_OBJECT_TYPE Data Object Type 20050915
4 DAY_OF_WEEK Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_DAY_OF_WEEK FDT: Day of week. eg. monday,..., saturday, sunday 20090225
5 ELEMENT_AMOUNT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_S_AMOUNT Elementary Data Type Amount 20060226
6 ELEMENT_BOOLEAN Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_BOOLEAN Elementary Data Type Boolean 20051224
7 ELEMENT_CURRENCY Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_CURRENCY Elementary Data Type Currency Key 20051224
8 ELEMENT_NUMBER Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_NUMBER_DECFLOAT Elementary Data Type Number 20051224
9 ELEMENT_QUANTITY Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_S_QUANTITY Elementary Data Type Quantity 20060226
10 ELEMENT_TEXT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_TEXT_SSTRING Elementary Data Type Text 20051224
11 ELEMENT_TIMEPOINT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_S_TIMEPOINT Elementary Data Type Timepoint, IF_FDT_CONSTANTS=>GC_TP_* 20060620
12 ELEMENT_TYPE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_ELEMENT_TYPE Elementary Data Type 20050917
13 ELEMENT_UNIT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_UNIT Elementary Data Type Unit of Measurement 20051224
14 ESR_PATH Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_DOBJ_0400-ESR_PATH The esr path for the attribute 20060901
15 ID Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_UUID Universal Unique Identifier 20050815
16 MSG_SEVERITY Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_MSG_SEVERITY Message Severity 20080120
17 NAME Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_NAME Beschreibung 20051204
18 OBJECT_TYPE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_OBJECT_TYPE Objekttyp 20050815
19 PROXY_PATH Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_DOBJ_0400-ESR_PATH The proxy path for the attribute 20060901
20 QUANTITY_DIMENSION Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_QUANTITY_DIMENSION Dimension key 20090910
21 SHORT_TEXT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_SHORT_TEXT Short Text 20070406
22 SOURCE_CODE Public See coding Line with Source Code 20060831 source_code TYPE c LENGTH 255
23 STATE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_STATE State 20050818
24 SUB_ACTIVITY Public See coding Subactivty for AUTHORITY-CHECK 20100528 sub_activity(2) TYPE n
25 S_IDS_FOR_ID Public See coding 20081111 BEGIN OF s_ids_for_id, id TYPE if_fdt_types=>id, th_object_id TYPE if_fdt_types=>th_object_id, END OF s_ids_for_id
26 S_ID_NAME Public See coding ID-Name pair 20081010 BEGIN OF s_id_name, id TYPE fdt_uuid, name TYPE name, END OF s_id_name
27 S_ID_VALUE Public See coding 20070114 BEGIN OF s_id_value, id TYPE fdt_uuid, value TYPE REF TO data, END OF s_id_value
28 S_MESSAGE Public See coding Meldung 20050816 BEGIN OF s_message, id TYPE id, object_type TYPE object_type, msgid TYPE symsgid, msgty TYPE symsgty, msgno TYPE symsgno, msgv1 TYPE symsgv, msgv2 TYPE symsgv, msgv3 TYPE symsgv, msgv4 TYPE symsgv, text TYPE c LENGTH 250, source TYPE string, related_id TYPE id, "might be used or referenced by ID. t_path type t_object_id, r_ref TYPE REF TO data, END OF s_message
29 S_NAME_VALUE Public See coding Name-Value pair 20070701 BEGIN OF s_name_value, name TYPE name, value TYPE REF TO data, END OF s_name_value
30 S_SAPSCRIPT_OBJECT Public See coding SAPScript Object (ID +SAPScript docu object) 20070914 BEGIN OF s_sapscript_object, id TYPE fdt_admn_0010-sapscript_id, object TYPE fdt_admn_0010-sapscript_object, END OF s_sapscript_object
31 S_SHORT_TEXT Public See coding Short Text (language dependent) 20070406 BEGIN OF s_short_text, langu TYPE langu, short_text TYPE if_fdt_types=>short_text, END OF s_short_text
32 S_SUB_ACTIVITY Public See coding Subactivity 20100528 BEGIN OF s_sub_activity, sub_activity TYPE sub_activity, id TYPE if_fdt_types=>id, END OF s_sub_activity
33 S_TEXT Public See coding Text (language dependent) 20050822 BEGIN OF s_text, langu TYPE langu, text TYPE if_fdt_types=>text, END OF s_text
34 S_TEXT_SYMBOL Public See coding Text Symbol (program + text symbol key) 20070914 BEGIN OF s_text_symbol, program TYPE fdt_admn_0010-txtsy_progname, key TYPE fdt_admn_0010-txtsy_key, END OF s_text_symbol
35 S_USAGE Public See coding Usage (Where-Used) 20050820 BEGIN OF s_usage, client TYPE mandt, "only valid for SYSTEM_OBJECT = ABAP_FALSE id TYPE if_fdt_types=>id, version TYPE if_fdt_types=>version, object_type TYPE if_fdt_types=>object_type, is_system_object TYPE abap_bool, is_customizing_object TYPE abap_bool, END OF s_usage
36 S_USED_CONTEXT_ID Public See coding 20061124 BEGIN OF s_used_context_id, id TYPE if_fdt_types=>id, is_optional TYPE abap_bool, END OF s_used_context_id
37 TEXT Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_TEXT Text 20050822
38 TH_IDS_FOR_ID Public See coding 20081111 th_ids_for_id TYPE HASHED TABLE OF s_ids_for_id WITH UNIQUE KEY id
39 TH_OBJECT_ID Public See coding Object IDs as hashed table 20061221 th_object_id TYPE HASHED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>id WITH UNIQUE DEFAULT KEY
40 TH_USAGE Public See coding 20080307 th_usage TYPE HASHED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>s_usage WITH UNIQUE KEY client id version
41 TIMEPOINT_TYPE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_TIMEPOINT_TYPE Timepoint Type 20060621
42 TIMESTAMP Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp (active version, UTC) 20050926
43 TRACE_MODE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_TRACE_MODE Trace Mode 20050925
44 TS_ID_NAME Public See coding 20090627 ts_id_name TYPE SORTED TABLE OF s_id_name WITH UNIQUE KEY id
45 TS_ID_VALUE Public See coding 20070114 ts_id_value TYPE TABLE OF s_id_value WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY id
46 TS_OBJECT_ID Public See coding Object IDs as sorted table 20050919 ts_object_id TYPE SORTED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>id WITH UNIQUE DEFAULT KEY
47 TS_SHORT_TEXT Public See coding Short Texts (language dependent) 20070406 ts_short_text TYPE SORTED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>s_short_text WITH UNIQUE KEY langu
48 TS_TEXT Public See coding Texts (language dependent) 20050822 ts_text TYPE SORTED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>s_text WITH UNIQUE KEY langu
49 TS_USAGE Public See coding Usages (Where-Used) 20050820 ts_usage TYPE SORTED TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>s_usage WITH UNIQUE KEY client id version
50 TS_USED_CONTEXT_ID Public See coding Actually used / required ID's from context in generated code 20061124 ts_used_context_id TYPE SORTED TABLE OF s_used_context_id WITH UNIQUE KEY id
51 T_DATA_OBJECT_TYPE Public See coding 20100920 t_data_object_type TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF data_object_type WITH DEFAULT KEY
52 T_ELEMENT_TYPE Public See coding 20090303 t_element_type TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF element_type WITH DEFAULT KEY
53 T_ID_NAME Public See coding ID-Name pair table 20081010 t_id_name TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF s_id_name
54 T_MESSAGE Public See coding Messages 20050816 t_message TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>s_message WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY id object_type
55 T_NAME_VALUE Public See coding Table with Name-Value pairs 20070701 t_name_value TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF s_name_value
56 T_OBJECT_ID Public See coding Object IDs as unsorted index table 20060810 t_object_id TYPE TABLE OF if_fdt_types=>id WITH DEFAULT KEY
57 T_OBJECT_TYPE Public See coding 20080215 t_object_type TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF object_type WITH DEFAULT KEY
58 T_SOURCE_CODE Public See coding Table with Source Code 20060831 t_source_code TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF source_code WITH DEFAULT KEY
59 T_VERSION Public See coding 20090401 t_version TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF version WITH DEFAULT KEY
60 UI_MODE Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_UI_MODE FDT: UI mode (changeability of object in the UI) 20060914
61 VERSION Public Type reference (TYPE) FDT_VERSION Version 20050819
Last changed by/on SAP  20130531 
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