SAP ABAP Class CL_GRRM_CNTOR_TASKLIST_SFTY (Connector for Safety Measure Task List)
GRCFND_A (Software Component) GRC Foundation ABAP
   GRC-RM (Application Component) GRC Risk Management
     GRRM_CONTEXT (Package) Context Builder
Meta Relationship - Using
# Relationship type Using Short Description Created on
1 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_UTIL_CONNECTOR Super Class for Connectors 20100706
2 Interface implementation (CLASS c. INTERFACES i_ref)  IF_GRRM_CNTOR Connector for Dimension ID 20100706
Short Description Connector for Safety Measure Task List    
Super Class CL_GRRM_UTIL_CONNECTOR Super Class for Connectors 
Instantiability of a Class 2  Public 
General Data
Message Class    
Program status     
Category 0   
Package GRRM_CONTEXT   Context Builder 
Created 20100706   SAP 
Last change 20141106    
Shared Memory-enabled    
Fixed point arithmetic    
Unicode checks active    
Forward declarations
Class CL_GRRM_CNTOR_TASKLIST_SFTY has no forward declaration.
# Interface Abstract Final Description Created on
1 IF_GRRM_CNTOR Connector for Dimension ID 20100706
Class CL_GRRM_CNTOR_TASKLIST_SFTY has no friend class.
# Attribute Level Visibility Read only Typing Associated Type Initial Value Description Created on
1 CO_EAMWS_SAFETY Constant Private Type reference (TYPE) DD02L-TABNAME 'EAMWS_SAFETY' Table name EAMWS_SAFETY 20100706
2 CO_OBJTYPE Constant Private Type reference (TYPE) STRING 'TL' Constant for Task List Object type 20100716
Class CL_GRRM_CNTOR_TASKLIST_SFTY has no method.
# Type Visibility Typing Associated Type Description Created on Type Source
1 YS_SAFETY_TASKLIST Public See coding 20100706 BEGIN OF YS_SAFETY_TASKLISt, mandt type mandt, otype(4) type c, plnty type grrm_plnty, plnnr type grrm_plnnr, plnal type grrm_plnal, dummy(23) type c, END OF ys_safety_tasklist
2 YS_TASKLIST Public See coding 20100706 BEGIN OF ys_tasklist, "source structure EAM_T_RIHPLKO plnty TYPE grrm_plnty, plnnr TYPE grrm_plnnr, plnal TYPE grrm_plnal, datuv TYPE dats, techv TYPE techv, aennr TYPE aennr, loekz TYPE lkenz, andat TYPE dats, annam TYPE annam, aedat TYPE aedat, aenam TYPE aenam, verwe TYPE char3, werks TYPE grrm_werks, statu TYPE char3, vagrp TYPE char3, ktext TYPE char40, kokrs TYPE kokrs, strat TYPE char6, tplnr TYPE char40, equnr TYPE grrm_equnr, istru TYPE char18, anlzu TYPE char1, arbpl TYPE arbpl, delkz TYPE char1, slwbez TYPE char3, extnum TYPE char1, "/cum/intcunr TYPE numc , END OF ys_tasklist
3 YT_SAFETY_TASKLIST Public See coding 20100706 yt_safety_tasklist type STANDARD TABLE OF ys_safety_tasklist
4 YT_TASKLIST Public See coding 20100706 yt_tasklist TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ys_tasklist WITH DEFAULT KEY
Last changed by/on SAP  20141106 
SAP Release Created in 600