SAP ABAP Class CL_GRRM_AUTOM_WF (Response Automation with Business Suite - Workflow)
GRCFND_A (Software Component) GRC Foundation ABAP
   GRC-RM (Application Component) GRC Risk Management
     GRRM_CASE_MANAGEMENT (Package) Case management for risks
Meta Relationship - Using
# Relationship type Using Short Description Created on
1 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_RESP_AUTOM Generic Class for Response Automation 20100823
2 Interface implementation (CLASS c. INTERFACES i_ref)  IF_GRRM_RESP_AUTOM RM <-> Business Suite integration - Response Automation 20100607
Short Description Response Automation with Business Suite - Workflow    
Super Class CL_GRRM_RESP_AUTOM Generic Class for Response Automation 
Instantiability of a Class 2  Public 
General Data
Message Class    
Program status     
Category 0   
Package GRRM_CASE_MANAGEMENT   Case management for risks 
Created 20100607   SAP 
Last change 20141106    
Shared Memory-enabled    
Fixed point arithmetic    
Unicode checks active    
Forward declarations
Class CL_GRRM_AUTOM_WF has no forward declaration.
# Interface Abstract Final Description Created on
1 IF_GRRM_RESP_AUTOM RM <-> Business Suite integration - Response Automation 20100607
Class CL_GRRM_AUTOM_WF has no friend class.
# Attribute Level Visibility Read only Typing Associated Type Initial Value Description Created on
1 MC_STATUS_FINISHED_TXT Instance attribute Private Attribute reference (LIKE) 20100823
# Method Level Visibility Method type Description Created on
1 CONVERT_MSG_STR_TO_RET2 Instance method Private Method Convert message to BAPIRET_2 format 20100823
Class CL_GRRM_AUTOM_WF has no event.
# Type Visibility Typing Associated Type Description Created on Type Source
1 TY_S_WF_OBJECT Public See coding 20100613 BEGIN OF ty_s_wf_object, objtype TYPE swo_objtyp, objname(235) TYPE c, END OF ty_s_wf_object
2 TY_WF_PARAMETERS Private See coding 20100613 BEGIN OF ty_wf_parameters, logsys TYPE logsys. INCLUDE TYPE ty_s_wf_object. TYPES END OF ty_wf_parameters
Method Signatures

Method CONVERT_MSG_STR_TO_RET2 Signature

# Type Parameter Pass Value Optional Typing Method Associated Type Default value Description Created on
1 Importing IV_MESSAGE_TYPE Call by reference Type reference (TYPE) BAPI_MTYPE Message type: S Success, E Error, W Warning, I Info, A Abort 20100823
2 Importing IV_MSG_TEXT Call by reference Type reference (TYPE) STRING Message text 20100823
3 Returning RS_RETURN Value transfer Type reference (TYPE) BAPIRET2 Return message 20100823

Method CONVERT_MSG_STR_TO_RET2 on class CL_GRRM_AUTOM_WF has no exception.
Last changed by/on SAP  20141106 
SAP Release Created in 600