SAP ABAP Application Component IS-M (SAP Media)
Basic Data
Application Component I170007100  
Application Component ID IS-M  
Short Description   SAP Media  
First Release Date 19961121 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-M-AM Advertising Management  I510000072 
IS-M-AM-BL Billing Document  I170007147 
IS-M-AM-BL-B COA Billing Document  I510000076 
IS-M-AM-BL-C Commission Billing  I510000075 
IS-M-AM-BL-O Order Billing  I510000074 
IS-M-AM-BL-S Contract Settlement  I170007155 
IS-M-AM-MS Connection of Media Technical Systems  I510000077 
IS-M-AM-RR Revenue Recognition  KK44000002 
IS-M-AM-SL Sales  I510000073 
IS-M-AM-SL-C Contract  I170007122 
IS-M-AM-SL-O Order  I170007133 
IS-M-AM-SS Sales Support in Advertising Management  I170007121 
IS-M-AM-ST Settlement  I170007153 
IS-M-AM-ST-A Sales Agent Settlement  I170007154 
IS-M-AM-ST-P Partner Settlement  KK44000003 
IS-M-AM-ST-R Revenue Distribution  I170007156 
IS-M-AMC Advertising Management for Classified Ad Design  KK44000031 
IS-M-AMC-SRV Server  KK44000032 
IS-M-AMC-UI UI  KK44000033 
IS-M-BF Basic Functions  I510000065 
IS-M-BF-AA Account Assignment  I510000069 
IS-M-BF-OD Output Determination  I510000067 
IS-M-BF-PD Partner Determination  I510000068 
IS-M-BF-PR Pricing  I510000066 
IS-M-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  KK44000001 
IS-M-IS Information System  I170007157 
IS-M-IS-AM Information System for Advertising Management  I170007159 
IS-M-IS-SD Information System for Media Sales and Distribution  I170007158 
IS-M-MD Master Data  I170007101 
IS-M-MD-BP Business Partner  I170007106 
IS-M-MD-BP-A Address  I170007110 
IS-M-MD-BP-C Contact Person  I510000064 
IS-M-MD-BP-G General Business Partner  I170007107 
IS-M-MD-BP-M Business Partner in Advertising Management  I170007108 
IS-M-MD-BP-S Business Partner in Media Sales and Distribution  I170007109 
IS-M-MD-DM Distribution Master Data  I510000061 
IS-M-MD-DM-R Truck Route  I170007118 
IS-M-MD-DM-R Truck Route  I510000063 
IS-M-MD-DM-V Delivery Viability Set  I170007117 
IS-M-MD-DM-V Delivery Viability Set  I510000062 
IS-M-MD-GS Geographical Structures  I170007102 
IS-M-MD-PD Sales Support Master Data  I170007115 
IS-M-MD-PR Product Master Data  I170007111 
IS-M-MD-PR-B Booking  I170007113 
IS-M-MD-PR-E Electronic Media  I170007114 
IS-M-MD-PR-MP Media Product  I500000230 
IS-M-MD-PR-P Publication  I170007112 
IS-M-MD-SD Shipping Master Data  I170007116 
IS-M-PCT Portal Content  KK44000021 
IS-M-PCT-AS Business Package Ad Sales  KK44000022 
IS-M-PLM Product Lifecycle Management  KK44000011 
IS-M-SD Media Sales and Distribution  I510000070 
IS-M-SD-MS Media Product Sales and Distribution  I500000232 
IS-M-SD-MS-BL Billing  I500000240 
IS-M-SD-MS-MP Mix Planning  I500000238 
IS-M-SD-MS-SH Shipping  I500000239 
IS-M-SD-MS-SL Sales  I500000233 
IS-M-SD-MS-SL-C Contract  I500000234 
IS-M-SD-MS-SL-O Order Creation  I500000236 
IS-M-SD-MS-SL-Q Purchase Quantity Planning  I500000235 
IS-M-SD-MS-SL-R Returns  I500000237 
IS-M-SD-PS Periodical Sales and Distribution  I500000231 
IS-M-SD-PS-BL Billing  I170007146 
IS-M-SD-PS-SH Shipping  I170007141 
IS-M-SD-PS-SH-C Packing of Postal Packs and Containers  I170007143 
IS-M-SD-PS-SH-P Circulation Planning  I170007142 
IS-M-SD-PS-SH-S Shipping Documents  I170007144 
IS-M-SD-PS-SL Sales  I510000071 
IS-M-SD-PS-SL-C Complaint  I170007130 
IS-M-SD-PS-SL-E Research  I170007131 
IS-M-SD-PS-SL-O Order  I170007124 
IS-M-SD-PS-SL-R Returns  I170007129 
IS-M-SD-PS-SS Sales Support in Media Sales and Distribution  I170007120 
IS-M-SD-PS-ST Settlement  I170007149 
IS-M-SD-PS-ST-C Commission Settlement  I170007151 
IS-M-SD-PS-ST-P Postal Charge Forecasting  I170007152 
IS-M-SD-PS-ST-W Home Delivery Settlement  I170007150 
IS-M-SD-SL-Q Offer  I170007125 
IS-MIN Industry-Specific Component-Mining  I400000003 
IS-MP Mill Products Industry Solution  KM50000001 
IS-MP-CA Cross-Application Component (CA) Enhancements  KA50002462 
IS-MP-LE Logistics Execution (LE) Enhancements  KA50002461 
IS-MP-LO Logistics - General (LO) Enhancements  KA50002501 
IS-MP-MM Materials Management (MM) enhancements  KM50000003 
IS-MP-NF Non-Ferrous Metal enhancements  KA50002471 
IS-MP-PP Production Planning and Control (PP) enhancements  KM50000004 
IS-MP-SD Sales and Distribution (SD) enhancements  KM50000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
IS-M Structure Package for IS-M 
J1SC IS-M/SD CH: Development of Swiss Version 
JAS Application development R/3 Publishing Advertising System*** 
JASECP E@syCostPlanning Enhancements for IS-M 
JASECP_MODIF Media: Modifications Title Lifecycle Management 
JAS_DOC_MAN IS-M: Document Management 
JAS_MODIF Media: Modifications Advertising Management 
JCOREMOD Media Modifications to Core 
JIPM IS-M: Integration IPM 
JIPM_BY_TITLE IS-M: FI Enhancement By Title 
JMDGEN_MODIF Media: Modifications Generic Master Data 
JMM IS-M(edia) Development - Product Master Data 
JMPSBAS Media MPS Basis 
JMPS_MODIF Media: Modifications Media Product Sales 
JPHI IS-M: Application Components 
JSD Appl. dev. R/3 Publishing Sales and Distribution System 
JSDI IS-M/SD SD Integration 
JSDI_MTU IS-M: MTU Overlaps 
JSD_CA CA Developments for IS-Media 
JSD_ISP Media: Information Service Provider 
JSD_MODIF Media: Modifications Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions 
JS_SE Media: ESA Fast Track Development 
Software Component IS-M  SAP MEDIA 
SAP Release Created in