SAP ABAP Application Component IS-HER-CM (Campus Management)
Basic Data
Application Component AHR0000560  
Application Component ID IS-HER-CM  
Short Description   Campus Management  
First Release Date 19981116 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-HER-CM-AC Student Accounting  KI47000003 
IS-HER-CM-AD Administration  KI47000002 
IS-HER-CM-GB United Kingdom  KI47000001 
IS-HER-CM-US USA  KK48000001 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/HR_PMIQ Campus Management Queries 
BCMAC_D Campus Management: Not Used (Application Basis (DE)) 
BCMAC_E Campus Management: Interface Administration - Accounting 
PMIQBW_D Campus Management BW Extraction 
PMIQBW_E Campus Management BW Extraction 
PMIQ_BASE Campus Management: Objects Which Cannot be Switched Off 
PMIQ_MAIN Campus Management IS-HER-CM (Main Package) 
PMIQ_MAIN_CORE Campus Management Core (Main Package) 
PMIQ_MAIN_OBSOLETE Campus Management Obsolete Packages (Main Package) 
PMIQ_NOSW Campus Management: Nicht schaltbare Objekte 
PMIQ_OBS Campus Management - Nicht freigegebene Entwicklungsobjekte 
PMIQ_OBS_E Campus Management: obsolete objects (EN) 
PMIQ_SBCSET_MAIN Switch BC Sets for Campus Management: Main Functions 
PMIQ_SE Campus Management: ESA Fast Track Developments 
PMIQ_TEMPLATE Campus Management: 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
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