SAP ABAP Table Field BAPI_JBD_STR_GT_OPTI-BARRIER_TWO_IN_PERCENT (Barrier2 in Percent (for Percentage Quotation))
EA-FINSERV (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services
   IS-B-DP (Application Component) Transaction Data Pool
     JBD_GETR_BAPI (Package) Generic Transaction
Basic Data
Table BAPI_JBD_STR_GT_OPTI     Generic Transaction: Option Part
Field BARRIER_TWO_IN_PERCENT     Barrier2 in Percent (for Percentage Quotation)
Position 38    
Field Attributes
Data Element BAPI_JBD_DTE_GTTWOPERCENT     Barrier2 in Percent (for Percentage Quotation)
Check Table      
Nesting depth for includes 0    
Internal ABAP Type P     Packed number
Internal Length in Bytes 6    
Reference table      
Name of Include      
Reference Field (CURR or QTY)      
Check module    
NOT NULL forced       Any NULL or NOT NULL
Data Type in ABAP Dictionary DEC     Counter or amount field with comma and sign
Length (No. of Characters) 10    
Number of Decimal Places 7    
Domain name PWKURS     Percentage rate (percentage quotation)
Origin of an input help (F4)       No input help exists
DD: Flag if it is a table       No / FALSE
DD: Depth for structured types 0    
DD: Component Type E     Data element
Type of Object Referenced       No Information
DD: Indicator for a Language Field       Not selected as language field
Position of the field in the table 0    
Last changed by/on SAP  20030430 
SAP Release Created in 463_20