SAP ABAP Application Component IS-B-RA-CL (Default Risk and Limit System)
Basic Data
Application Component I510000042  
Application Component ID IS-B-RA-CL  
Short Description   Default Risk and Limit System  
First Release Date 19980617 
First Release   40B 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/1FTLM/GEN Financial Services: Limitmanagement generierte Objekte 
/SAPQUERY/FTLM Financial Services: Limit Management Query 
FTBK Risk Management Counterparty/Issuer Risks 
FTBK01 Risk Management - Default Risks 
FTBKC Risk Management: Counterparty/Issuer Risk Customizing 
FTLM Financial Services: Limit Management 
Software Component EA-FINSERV  SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services 
SAP Release Created in