SAP ABAP Application Component PY-SE (Sweden)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0100543  
Application Component ID PY-SE  
Short Description   Sweden  
First Release Date 19970730 
First Release   40A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PY-SE-DD Deductions / Calculating the Bank Transfer Amount  HLA0100559 
PY-SE-DD-CP Compulsory Pension Funds  HLA0100562 
PY-SE-DD-UF Union fees  HLA0100564 
PY-SE-FP Subsequent Activities  HLA0100566 
PY-SE-FP-DM Data Medium Exchange  HLA0100567 
PY-SE-FP-DT Data Transfer to Other Applications  HLA0100603 
PY-SE-FP-RS Remuneration Statement  HLA0100568 
PY-SE-FP-TE Bank Transfer Tax and Employer's Contribution  HLA0100602 
PY-SE-GR Gross  HLA0100544 
PY-SE-GR-BS Bases  HLA0100545 
PY-SE-GR-ER Employee Remuneration Information  AHR0000231 
PY-SE-GR-FC Factoring  AHR0000254 
PY-SE-GR-IW Incentive wages  PH40000041 
PY-SE-GR-IW Incentive wages  AHR0000564 
PY-SE-GR-PT Integration with Time Management  HLA0100546 
PY-SE-GR-VA Vacation Bonuses  HLA0100553 
PY-SE-GR-WD Wage Deduction for Illness  HLA0100552 
PY-SE-GR-WV Wage Type Valuation  HLA0100547 
PY-SE-GR-WV-AB Absences  HLA0100548 
PY-SE-GR-WV-OT Overtime  HLA0100549 
PY-SE-GR-WV-TB Time Bonuses  HLA0100550 
PY-SE-NT Net  HLA0100554 
PY-SE-NT-BS Bases  HLA0100555 
PY-SE-NT-EC Employer's Contribution  HLA0100557 
PY-SE-NT-GR Garnishment  HLA0100558 
PY-SE-NT-LO Loans  AHR0000232 
PY-SE-NT-TX Tax  HLA0100556 
PY-SE-RP Reporting  HLA0100604 
PY-SE-RP-ES Evaluations/Statistics  AHR0000171 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
HRCSE HR Structure Package for Sweden (SAP_HRCSE) 
P23C HR customizing: Sweden 
P23PDF HR forms: Sweden 
PC23 HR accounting: Sweden 
PC23_CE Concurrent Employment & HR Public Sector for Sweden 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
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