SAP ABAP Application Component PY-JP (Japan)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0008501  
Application Component ID PY-JP  
Short Description   Japan  
First Release Date 19960409 
First Release   30D 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PY-JP-DD Deductions / Calculating the Bank Transfer Amount  HLA0100523 
PY-JP-DD-DU Union fees  HLA0100524 
PY-JP-DD-LI Life Insurance  HLA0100822 
PY-JP-DD-PS Property Accumulation Savings  HLA0100823 
PY-JP-FP Subsequent Activities  HLA0008504 
PY-JP-FP-DM Data Medium Exchange  HLA0008524 
PY-JP-FP-DT Data Transfer to Other Applications  HLA0008528 
PY-JP-FP-PA Payroll Account  HLA0008526 
PY-JP-FP-PJ Payroll Journal  HLA0008527 
PY-JP-FP-RS Remuneration Statement  HLA0008525 
PY-JP-GR Gross  HLA0008502 
PY-JP-GR-AL Allowances  HLA0100516 
PY-JP-GR-BE Benefits  AHR0000485 
PY-JP-GR-BS Bases  HLA0100994 
PY-JP-GR-CA Transportation Allowance  HLA0100517 
PY-JP-GR-ER Employee Remuneration Information  HLA0100512 
PY-JP-GR-FC Factoring  HLA0100519 
PY-JP-GR-IW Incentive Wages  HLA0100518 
PY-JP-GR-LR Leaving/Retirement  HLA0008511 
PY-JP-GR-NB Non-Periodical Bonus  HLA0008510 
PY-JP-GR-PB Periodical Bonus  HLA0008509 
PY-JP-GR-PT Integration with Time Management  HLA0008506 
PY-JP-GR-SC Shift Change Compensation  HLA0100511 
PY-JP-GR-SK Statistics / Key Figures for Cost Accounting  HLA0100520 
PY-JP-GR-WV Wage Type Valuation  HLA0008508 
PY-JP-GR-WV-AB Absences  HLA0008507 
PY-JP-GR-WV-HW Hourly Wage  HLA0100515 
PY-JP-GR-WV-OT Overtime  HLA0100513 
PY-JP-GR-WV-TB Time Bonuses  HLA0100514 
PY-JP-NT Net  HLA0008503 
PY-JP-NT-BN Bonus  HLA0008515 
PY-JP-NT-BN-NI Social Insurance  HLA0008517 
PY-JP-NT-BN-TX Tax  HLA0008516 
PY-JP-NT-BS Bases  HLA0100521 
PY-JP-NT-LO Loans  HLA0100522 
PY-JP-NT-LR Leaving/Retirement  HLA0008521 
PY-JP-NT-LR-TX Tax  HLA0008522 
PY-JP-NT-MP Monthly Payroll  HLA0008512 
PY-JP-NT-MP-NI Social Insurance  HLA0008514 
PY-JP-NT-MP-TX Tax  HLA0008513 
PY-JP-NT-NB Non-Periodical Bonus  HLA0008518 
PY-JP-NT-NB-NI Social Insurance  HLA0008520 
PY-JP-NT-NB-TX Tax  HLA0008519 
PY-JP-NT-NP Non-Resident Payroll  HLA0100821 
PY-JP-NT-YE Year End Adjustment  HLA0008523 
PY-JP-RP Reporting  HLA0100525 
PY-JP-RP-ES Evaluations/Statistics  HLA0100529 
PY-JP-RP-ST Statements  HLA0100526 
PY-JP-RP-ST-SI Social Insurance Statements  HLA0100528 
PY-JP-RP-ST-TX Tax Statements  HLA0100527 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/HR_PC22 HR Queries Japan 
HRCJP HR Structure Package for Japan (SAP_HRCJP) 
P22C HR customizing: Japan 
PC22 HR accounting: Japan 
PC22_SHUKKO Shukko: payroll relevant object 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in