SAP ABAP Application Component PY-PH (Philippines)
Basic Data
Application Component AHR0000255  
Application Component ID PY-PH  
Short Description   Philippines  
First Release Date 19980323 
First Release   45A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PY-PH-DD Deductions / Calculating the Bank Transfer Amount  AHR0000275 
PY-PH-DD-AP Priorities and Arrears  AHR0000276 
PY-PH-DD-LD Limits on Deductions  AHR0000277 
PY-PH-FP Subsequent Activities  AHR0000278 
PY-PH-FP-CB Cash Breakdown List  AHR0000284 
PY-PH-FP-DE Data Transfer to Other Applications  AHR0000283 
PY-PH-FP-DM Data Medium Exchange  AHR0000279 
PY-PH-FP-PA Payroll Account  AHR0000281 
PY-PH-FP-PJ Payroll Journal  AHR0000282 
PY-PH-FP-RS Remuneration Statement  AHR0000280 
PY-PH-GR Gross  AHR0000256 
PY-PH-GR-BS Bases  AHR0000257 
PY-PH-GR-ER Employee Remuneration Information  AHR0000261 
PY-PH-GR-FC Factoring  AHR0000267 
PY-PH-GR-HR Activity with Higher Rate of Pay  AHR0000260 
PY-PH-GR-OC Off-cycle payroll  AHR0000268 
PY-PH-GR-PT Integration with Time Management  AHR0000258 
PY-PH-GR-SC Shift Change Compensation  AHR0000259 
PY-PH-GR-SK Statistics / Key Figures for Cost Accounting  AHR0000269 
PY-PH-GR-WV Wage Type Valuation  AHR0000262 
PY-PH-GR-WV-AB Absences  AHR0000263 
PY-PH-GR-WV-HW Hourly Wage  AHR0000266 
PY-PH-GR-WV-OT Overtime  AHR0000264 
PY-PH-GR-WV-TB Time Bonuses  AHR0000265 
PY-PH-IE Interface to External Payroll Systems  AHR0000290 
PY-PH-IE-MD Master Data  AHR0000291 
PY-PH-IE-PD Payroll Data  AHR0000292 
PY-PH-NT Net  AHR0000270 
PY-PH-NT-BS Bases  AHR0000271 
PY-PH-NT-HD Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)  AHR0000619 
PY-PH-NT-LO Loans  AHR0000274 
PY-PH-NT-SS Social Security System (SSS)  AHR0000273 
PY-PH-NT-TX Tax  AHR0000272 
PY-PH-RP Reporting  AHR0000285 
PY-PH-RP-HD Monthly HDMF Contribution Report  AHR0000288 
PY-PH-RP-SR Monthly/Quarterly SSS Contribution Report  AHR0000287 
PY-PH-RP-WS Wage Type Statement  AHR0000286 
PY-PH-RP-YR Employee End Of Year Statement  AHR0000289 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
HRCPH HR Structure Package for Philippines (SAP_HRCPH) 
P48C HR customizing: Philippines 
PB48 HR master data: Philippines 
PC48 HR payroll accounting: Philippines 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in