SAP ABAP Application Component PY-DE-PS-VA (Pension Administration)
Basic Data
Application Component AC00000151  
Application Component ID PY-DE-PS-VA  
Short Description   Pension Administration  
First Release Date 20050315 
First Release   700 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
HR-VADM Structure Package HR-VADM 
P00PBSCA_BL HCM Calculation Module (Business Logic) 
P00PBSCA_DDIC HCM Calculation Modules (DDIC and User Interface) 
P00PBSCA_IMG HCM Calculation Modules (IMG) 
P00PBSMD_BL HCM Master-Data-Tool (Business-Logic) 
P00PBSMD_DDIC HCM Master-Data-Tool (DDIC and User-Interface) 
P00PBSMD_IMG HCM Master-Data-Tool (IMG) 
P00PBSMD_SERVICE HCM Master-Data-Tool (generel Services) 
P00PBSMD_TEMPLATE HCM Master Data Tool Template (Business Logic) 
P00PBSMD_TEMPLATE_DDIC HCM Master-Data-Tool Template (DDIC and User-Interface) 
P00PBSNO_BL HCM Notifications (Business Logic) 
P00PBSNO_DDIC HCM Notifications (DDIC and User-Interface) 
P00PBSNO_IMG HCM Notifications (IMG) 
P00PBSSCALE Pay Scale Group-Dependent Events 
P00PBSWB_CONTROL_BL Workbench Control Modules (Business Logic) 
P00PBSWB_CONTROL_DDIC Workbench Control Modules (DDIC and User Interface) 
P00PBSWB_CONTROL_IMG Workbench Control Modules (IMG) 
P01PBSNV Retroactive Pension Insurance PI Public Sector Germany 
P01PBSVAMD_BASICDATA_BL Master Data: PAdm Germany (Business Logic) 
P01PBSVAMD_BASICDATA_DDIC Master Data: PAdm Germany (DDIC and User Interface) 
P01PBSVAMD_BASICDATA_IMG Pension Administration Master Data. D Master Data (IMG) 
P01PBSVASEN_BL HR-VADM: Employ. Periods, Pension Percent. (Business Logic) 
P01PBSVASEN_DDIC HR-VADM: Employment Periods, Pension Percentage (DDIC) 
P01PBSVASEN_IMG HR-VADM: Employment Periods, Pension Percentage (IMG) 
P01PBSVAVG_BL HR-VADM: Public Sector Pensions Act (Business Logic) 
P01PBSVAVG_DDIC HR-VADM: Public Sector Pensions Act (DDIC, User Interface) 
P01PBSVAVG_IMG HR PAdm: Public Sector Pensions Act (IMG) 
P01PBSXX Generische Objekte Öffentl. Dienst Deutschland 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in   600